Aspiring Designer.

Lego Halls - Helping teens reconnect with Lego.

D&AD New Blood competition.
Create a campaign that helps teens who might've lost touch with Lego to engage with it once again. The campaign should encourage and inspire teens to explore new creative spaces while tackling or engaging with social issues that could effect them.

Lego Halls seeks to combat the issue of loneliness amongst teenagers by offering them a space that allows them to express their creativity through the power of Lego while also building connections through a digital halls of residence experience.

I'm Worried! - Branding a comedy card game.

Final major project.
Develop a brief that showcases your design ability.

Why do people watch true crime? Could it be that they are planning on committing these crimes? What if your partner was watching true crime... Would you be worried? I'm Worried! is a card game that plays off the fear that your partner is planning on murdering you after watching too much true crime. It utilises outdated stereotypes to encapsulate different types of sensationalist media and push this theme forward of it blowing things out of proportion.

Goodnight Mr Tom - Redesigning the cover for a classic book.

Penguin book cover competition.
Create a book cover design for the classic children's novel Goodnight Mr Tom.

This cover utilises a metaphor found in Goodnight Mr Tom, the blackout blinds from the story being used to show the importance of opening up and letting people into your life. It depicts the idyllic life experienced in the countryside by Willie while having the more sinister side of the story set during WW2 being reflected behind the curtains.

Go self driving? - Considering the impacts of self driving cars upon criminals.

Create a piece of visual ephemera that demonstrates critical thinking in relation to design.

Criticality as a project didn't set out to find solutions to a problem it just set out to identify a question. It deals with how self driving cars are going to implemented in later years, questioning them from the view point of someone who lives outside of society.

Heart Lottery- Encouraging people to sign up for free ECG screenings.

Design for real life.
Develop a campaign that encourages more people to sign up for ECG screening.

In this project for CRY I was tasked with building a campaign that would encourage people to sign up for free ECG screenings. The campaign I came up with emphasised how if you weren't getting screened then you are essentially playing the lottery with your life. I created a website as well as posters and a lottery ticket.

Diss Design - Redesigning my dissertation

Diss Design.
Turn your dissertation into a compelling piece of design that encapsulates the idea of the dissertation.

My dissertation was on psychoanalysis' relevancy to the reviewing of art, a large part of the dissertation featured artists and their work being applied to Freud's theory of psychoanalysis as to why the design splits sections up based on artist.

About me

Studied Graphic Design:
Gloucester College 2015-17.
Studied Graphic Communication:
Cardiff Met Uni 2017-20.

I'm a 21 year old aspiring designer with an interest in all aspects of design whether that is web design, animation or branding. Im a strong believer that being an all rounder in graphic design is important as it allows you to build a set of compelling touchpoints relevant to any given brief. I attempt to model myself and my work around this principle, producing outcomes that I believe most relevant to the brief rather than what would suit my current skillset the most.